Intro to 3d Animation


New course starting Sept 6, 2016  Intro to 3D Animation In this course students will learn the basic principles and techniques behind creating realistic movement to 3D character or object.  Students will learn how to animate pre-existing model using the 3D software Blender.   Duration 10 weeks What students will Learn Students will Learn the basic principles of 3D Animation How ... Read More »

3D Game design


Welcome to the New 3D Game design course, enjoy! In this course students will be guided through the process of game design using industry standard game development tools.  Students will explore how to create their own character and game objects for a game concept.  Also learn the techniques of game planning, character movement, collision detection and level design   Read More »

Character Design


In this course students will learn basic art techniques on how to create and pose a character from scratch for animation or video games. The tools needed for this subject are basic illustration paper and pencil or pen   (duration 4 – 8 weeks) (illustration) Read More »

Digital Painting


In this course students will use freehand painting techniques combined with photo elements in Photoshop to create high quality illustrations. Students will learn to use the right elements to create high end illustrations starting with rough mood sketches and finishing with a highly polished final image. Duration 6 – 8 weeks (computer art) Read More »

Character Animation


In this course students will explore various animation techniques such as anticipation, timing, and overlapping.  Students will continue to learn the principles of animation that will show weights, motion and follow through. Duration  8 weeks Read More »

3D Modeling


In this course students will learn how to use leading 3D applications to design dynamic visual projects that build and shape society. By using Maya or Blender students will learn how to transform primitive geometric shapes into characters, objects, and environments and add texture, lighting, and effects to their projects What Students will Learn             ... Read More »

digital comic design


In this course students will learn fundamentals of creating a comic strip step by step. By using a digital workflow students will use adobe Photoshop to sketch, color and ink their preliminary sketches and turn into finished art. Duration 6 – 8 weeks (illustration) Read More »