Group courses

Animindz would like to welcome all k-12 institutions and organizations to our workshop.

Like you, we share the same interest in wanting students to have fun learning and creative experience.  Animindz offers high quality video based learning in creative digital arts subjects.  Our Workshop courses are designed to offer an engaging learning experience that will expand creative thinking, and instill principles of project planning

We work to partner with community centers, charter schools home schools, public schools, private schools, religious institutions and more.

Educators and Schools alike can take advantage of our digital arts courses in a variety of ways

  • Animindz Digital Arts program can be instituted as an after school program
  • Any course can be integrated in the classroom as part of a daily curriculum
  • Do you have students at your school that like these subjects?  Students can use Animindz to begin a club.
  • Teachers can use a course as a learning tool for their lesson plan

Take advantage of our special group pricing for any digital arts course.

Group pricing: $6 per video for each student

Group minimum number of students: 5-up