Intro to 3D Modeling: Self study course


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Product Description

Intro to 3D modeling Self study course

In this course students will learn how to use leading 3D applications to design dynamic visual projects that build and shape our society. By using Maya or Blender students will learn how to transform primitive geometric shapes into characters, objects and environments that are used in animations and video games. Students will also learn the basic techniques of adding texture, lighting and effects to their projects.

What Students will Learn                                                                          

  • How to create a 3D Model
  • How to create and apply textures to 3D Model designs
  • Basic techniques on how to add light

Skills Students will develop

  • Creative thinking and planning
  • Enhance & develop artistic skills
  • Gain experience through hands on activities


  • Ages  9 – 12
  • Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate

Course Outline for  Intro to 3D Modeling

week one

Welcome to Blender

  1. General Interface
  2. Adding/Deleting Objects
  3. Viewing Modes
  4. How To Reset
  5. Assignment: Add And Delete All The Mesh Objects

week two


  1. Duplicating Objects
  2. Move/Scale/Rotate Objects
  3. Naming Your Objects
  4. Assignment: Add 10 Objects And Name Them

week three


  1. Edit Mode Vs. Object Mode
  2. Editing Vertexes/Lines/Faces
  3. Assignment: Edit 5 Different Objects And Save Them

week four


  1. How To Extrude A Face
  2. Scaling And Extruding Together
  3. Using Move, Scale And Rotate To Create A Tree Branch
  4. Assignment: Create Your Own Tree Branch

week five

Subdivision Surface

  1. What Is Subdivision Surface?
  2. How To Add Subsurf To Make Your Models Look Better
  3. The Limits Of Subsurf
  4. Assignment: Make A Simple Snowman With Cubes And Subsurf

week six

The Camera and Rendering

  1. How To Position Your Camera
  2. Camera Settings
  3. Tracking Your Camera with a Null Object
  4. The Blender Internal Renderer
  5. Basic Render Settings
  6. Rendering And Saving Files
  7. Assignment: Add 3 Cameras and Render 3 Different Images

week seven


  1. Different Kinds Of Lights
  2. How To Add And Position Lights
  3. Adjusting Lights
  4. Drop Shadows and how they work
  5. Assignment: Add 3 Lights And Render Your Scene With Each Camera

week eight

Materials and Textures

  1. Adding A Color To Your Object
  2. Adjusting Colors
  3. Deleting Your Color And Starting Over
  4. What are textures?
  5. Adding a simple texture
  6. Assignment: Add Colors and Textures To Your Snowman

Duration 8 – 10 weeks (computer art)

computer requirements:

  •  1 GB of RAM (2 recommended)
  • Browser – Chrome, firefox or safari
  • operating systems: Windows 7, 8, 10, XP & Vista. MAC 10.7 or higher
  • Internet speed: at least 1 Mbps

Software requirements:  3D software Blender